Sofia Falcon | Portfolio

Kanawha Library


Client: Kanawha Library
Role: Lead Web Designer
Studio: MESH Design and Development
Collaborators: Megan Bullock, creative director. Josh Dodd, lead developer. Pat Eason, developer. Robbie Sherrard, developer.
Description: In building this accessible public library website, I conducted user research, catalogued existing content and created information architecture. I created a complex visual system of units to contain different types of content with consideration of the text-heavy informational nature of the website. I communicated closely with creative director, lead developer and developers throughout process to create a functional and user-friendly web site.






KCPL Process Information architecture map. I led the efforts on creating an inventory of KCPL's existing and desired content. These are some pieces of the final map.

KCPL Process Matching content to pages and UI design units. Using color coding to indicate allocation of content and unit types.

KCPL Process Content guides for client, dealing with events specifically.

KCPL Process Content template for client.

KCPL Process Initial wireframes.

KCPL Process Initial design directions.

KCPL Process Excerpts from final UI Kits.